We are pleased to announce that Xanalys Link Explorer 6.3 is now available for general release.

This latest release continues to build on the fresh look and feel that was first introduced in Link Explorer 6.0, with a number of improvements including memory management and new features to chart presentation, annotation and drawing. For example users can now create a chart key to clearly convey to the reader the meaning behind each icon type. Other improvements include the ability to include link styles in Chart Key/Legends.

The Drawing features of Link Explorer have also been extended to enable the analyst to manually draw boxes around selected objects and group them for presentation purposes. On a busy
chart it is essential that the analyst presents grouped individuals/objects and highlights connections and links accordingly.

The new Data Importer user Interface has been designed to replace the Text Importer Wizard and has been improved to provide streamlined data importing and access to data held in a range of data formats e.g XML, CSV, and Excel workbooks etc. The Data Importer supports importing XML format data via XSL transforms. Users can now import directly from Excel without the need to convert the data.

Bing Maps integration has been updated to the latest Microsoft Bing Map Control and now includes heat maps and improvements to selection and view cards.

Win2PDF is supplied as standard with Link Explorer to support printing charts directly to PDF.

The 64 Bit version provides improved memory management and larger chart data capacity.

Link Explorer is also now available on a 30 day evaluation. Interested parties are encouraged to contact us if they would like to evaluate the product, or discuss their requirements in more detail.