This past week has seen Wynyard Group, the New Zealand based security and investigations software company enter into administration. Social media and New Zealand’s business press have been quick to suggest the reasons for Wynyard’s demise.

Away from the more obvious management issues, those with a knowledge of working with government also identified the difficulties faced by businesses working with government on large software systems: long procurement cycles, the need to identify and work with a broad range of key stakeholders, and the system configuration required to meet these user requirements make such engagements a difficult process to navigate.

With our extensive experience of working in investigative case management, this is something that we at Xanalys are very familiar with. In recent years, we have actively addressed these challenges with the on-going development of the Xanalys PowerCase Investigation Platform.

Originally designed to support major case investigations for multi-jurisdictional law enforcement agencies, the features, capabilities and investigative methodology made available in PowerCase have been increasingly sought by new types of customers, especially government agencies and large commercial organisations that conduct regulatory and compliance investigations.

In order to successfully engage in such opportunities, where organisations are looking for a solid investigative core, but also bring their own unique requirements, Xanalys has developed a highly configurable platform on which we can deliver a range of investigative case management solutions, using an agile process that ensures stakeholders maintain a central position.

There is no doubt that Investigative Case Management and Intelligence is a complex and competitive space, dominated by some key global players, but our team at Xanalys continue to demonstrate that there is space for SME’s with the experience and domain knowledge, matched with innovative software, to deliver successful solutions and outcomes.