(April 10, 2015 – Montreal, Quebec)  Xanalys Limited, The Investigation Software Company, today announced a software distribution and support services partnership with Montreal-based Vidocq Group. The Vidocq Group is an innovative investigation firm specialized in intelligence gathering and management of important and sensitive investigations.

Under the terms of the agreement, Vidocq Group will market and distribute Xanalys’ link analysis and investigation software solutions to Canadian law enforcement and commercial customers. Link analysis software helps analysts and investigators understand hidden connections between people, places, and things within the course of an investigation. Investigative and major case management software helps drive case investigations through a logical process and facilitates collaboration across jurisdictions.

Xanalys customers around the world utilize the company’s software for threat triage, crime analysis, and investigative or major case management.

We feel very fortunate to have found a partner as reputable as Vidocq Group”, said Douglas Wood, Xanalys VP of Corporate Development. “Their background in law enforcement and fraud investigation stems back to their decades-long careers at the RCMP. As we grow our customer footprint in Canada, their market knowledge and bilingual support capabilities are tremendously important to us.”

According to the Vidocq Group, the distribution agreement was driven by a growing requirement for cost-effective, commercial off-the-shelf investigation and case management software in Canada.

Xanalys is synonymous with investigation software and major case management, and we were impressed with their commitment to the Canadian market”, said Jonathan Légaré, managing partner at Vidocq Group. “We strongly believe in the capabilities of their offerings, and we fully expect to capitalize on the growing demand for crime analytics software for police and commercial customers across the country.”

About the Vidocq Group

The Vidocq Group (www.vidocqgroup.com) is an innovative investigation company specialized in intelligence gathering and management of important and sensitive investigations. The company’s philosophy is based upon the unparalleled effectiveness of integrated investigative teams, composed of a diversity of highly competent investigators, analysts and subject matter experts. The members of the Vidocq team possess impressive academic credentials and vast professional experience in relation to domestic and international law enforcement and intelligence gathering and analysis. These characteristics, combined with Vidocq’s philosophy, propel its unique and highly effective investigation and intelligence services.

The Vidocq Group provides an array of exclusive intelligence and investigative services to law firms, medium and large corporations, major investors, public relations firms, government departments and agencies, crown corporations, municipalities, regulators and self-regulatory organizations.

About Xanalys Limited

Xanalys (pronounced ‘Zan-a-liss’) builds major case management (MCM) and investigation software, and was born out of Cambridge, England in the late 1980s. The software provides powerful querying facilities to support the effective analysis of disparate data and can actually identify links between entities and reveal associations among activities that are not immediately apparent to an investigator or analyst.

The company’s products include the powerful Link Explorer (aka Watson Link Explorer™) software and PowerCase™, the leading Major Case Management software solution in the world. Xanalys also develops and markets their Xanalys Investigation Manager (XIM)™ software and Link Explorer Enterprise (LEE)™ visualization software to customers around the world. More information is available at www.xanalys.com.