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Sponsorship of LBFIG

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of The London Boroughs’ Fraud Investigators’ Group for 2014

In 1993 fraud investigators from within London Local Authorities decided to form their own cross London group called the London Boroughs Fraud Investigators Group (LBFIG). All 33 London Boroughs have active anti-fraud teams and all are represented at LBFIG. Other public sector bodies such as housing associations can also affiliate provided they are not-for-profit.

The purpose of LBFIG is to disseminate best practice, discuss cross boundary fraud and generally represent the interests of local authority fraud investigators in London. Selling, or self-promotion, via our website is not permitted.

Membership of LBFIG is via a subscription from each local authority or affiliate member. This gives individual membership to any officer of that Local Authority who is engaged in the investigation of fraud.

There are in excess of 400 officers in London Authorities dedicated to reducing losses to the public purse. These officers cover many different areas of Local Authority work including benefits, housing, trading standards, environmental health, parking and internal audit.

Following the creation of LBFIG similar groups across the country were formed to create a national organisation called LAIOG UK (Local Authority Investigation Officers Group). All members of LBFIG are also members of LAIOG.

LBFIG is managed by an Executive Committee elected at its AGM in November each year. Currently, the Executive Committee comprises Andy Hyatt (Chair), David Whitehouse-Hayes (Treasurer), Lynne Troughton (Secretary), Jamie Branch, Paul Brook, Kevin Campbell-Scott, Sylvia Caprice, Jeff Cross, Simon Lane, Ben Marshall, Justin Phillips, Christine Thompson, David Williamson, and Jim Yeulet.

Further information about the London Boroughs’ fraud Investigatiors’ group can be found at



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