A complete investigative and intelligence platform.

Supports your investigation management from the capture of the initial incident report, through to the presentation of evidence in court.XIM provides a collaborative and secure environment in which to conduct a range of different investigation types.

With its streamlined interface, collaborative functionality and integrated intelligence capabilities, XIM is highly suited to a variety of organisation genres and investigative situations. Whether you are investigating incidents of crime or fraud, breaches of compliance, brand protection infringements, or performing open source research, XIM will help you efficiently collect, process and organise your investigative data.

Agencies and organisations will always have unique requirements surrounding their investigative processes and data formats.

The XIM framework has been specifically designed with this in mind, ensuring each XIM deployment is configured to meet our customer’s exact needs: user roles, data entry forms, entity definitions and document workflows are all easily configurable. Intuitive and productive tools – With a simple yet powerful workflow and built-in collaboration functionality, XIM is well suited to a wide variety of investigative scenarios and organisational structures.

Streamlined investigation workflow – Investigative workflow is applied through user roles, incident & case status, and form designs that can be configured according to customer requirements.

Tasks such as incident evaluation, document indexing, and milestone decisions can be treated as key workflow steps that are automatically assigned to particular user roles.

Incident capture and triage – Integration with incident reporting websites and applications ensures that incident data is instantly available to the triage team for analysis and evaluation of reliability, accuracy and source.

Effortless action management and assignments – Using our Incident Running Sheet you can add actions and assign them to specific individuals. Extract and link new entities from your documents – Identify and extract new entities and associations using XIM’s document indexing tools.

Comprehensive information cross-referencing – XIM’s flexible data modelling capabilities ensure that associations in your case data are represented accurately.

A list of associations is maintained for every data record and can be examined visually using the embedded link chart functions. Data provenance links are automatically created back to the source document.

Painless report generation – With our intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface, report assembly is transformed into a fast, click-to-add process.

Flexible court case preparation support – We provide a flexible eBrief document solution, which enables you to assemble a court binder and other reports from any number of textual, image and multimedia elements collected during the investigation.