With Link Explorer’s powerful analysis features, information can be managed and presented with clarity and precision.

Real-time analysis, intelligent querying and numerous temporal, associative or spatial charts ensure that information discovery is optimized and unlimited.

Query Editor

Link Explorer allows the investigator to construct queries by using the simple drag-and-drop graphical interface, and the precision of each query (or filter) can be increased by simple adding more constraints.
For common queries the user can create and save example queries and organise them into folders.


The clear and comprehensible charts allow the user to uncover patterns and relationships quickly and in detail and give a choice of chart type which include tabular, hierarchy, link, timelines, maps, clocks etc. As well as the chart type the user can alter the graphical appearance of an object on a chart depending on properties or attributes. This allows the user to display the data in its clearest interpretation. Link Explorer also allows data from one chart type to be moved to another easily.


Drilling down on a selected chart object explores its links and neighbours allowing the user to view the path of objects and links that connect two objects. The attribute data of each object or link can be easily seen.


Making use of the extensive search facilities in Link Explorer allows the user to quickly identify and select items of interest and employ a range of network analysis features to identify active and influential agents. Users can apply filters to a chart in order to show objects with interesting qualities, and capture groups of objects so they can be easily identified on other charts, and also used to refine future queries and analysis.


If similar objects are found on a chart they can be merged, both on the chart and in the data source. Built in flexibility allows the user to specify how the objects are merged and to perform a ‘soft’ merge to support restoring objects at a later time.

Link Explorer Data Analysis

Link Explorer can export data directly from a chart to Microsoft Excel and use pre-built Excel templates to help process the data. You can geocode data and create pin-point charts in Bing Maps directly from Link Explorer and Link Explorer also integrates with GIS analysis using ESRI ArcView.

Data Entry

New objects and links can be easily added to your chart by using the Chart Drawing Panel and attribute data associated with the object or link can be entered via the object card. You can also design data entry forms to add structured combinations of object and link data.


Each Link Explorer chart can be printed or exported to Microsoft Excel.