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PowerCase capture 1.0 release

Xanalys today announced the release of the PowerCase Capture, the first component of the new PowerCase Mobile platform.

Xanalys Capture allows users to collect information in the field when working outside the PowerCase environment.

This mobile forms application, which can be installed in seconds using Microsoft ClickOnce technology, saves documents in an XML format that can be easily uploaded into an Incident from within a PowerCase session.

The application has been built using the latest Microsoft Technology (WPF, .NET 4.0) which makes the form presentation customizable using standard MS designer tools like Expression Blend ( There is also an administrators tool to build versions of the application with global dropdown values that are synchronised with the PowerCase server.

PowerCase Capture  supports a range of data entry features that will reduce the need to create paper copies of documents and streamline the data capture/entry process for investigators and data entry personnel:

  • Templates for Statements, Officer Reports, Other Document, Personal Description Forms, and Canvass Reports.
  • Validation checking to ensure data is captured in a way that is consistent with PowerCase.
  • Spell checking in text fields.
  • Transformations (e.g. text transformed to uppercase) are applied in a manner consistent with PowerCase.
  • Tab based layout for easy navigation between form sections.

Further PowerCase Mobile features are scheduled for release in 2011. These will include support for multimedia capture and a new web service which will allow users to upload data into a PowerCase incident from outside of the PowerCase environment.


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