Xanalys Investigation Manager delivers an end-to-end incident and intelligence platform.

Built around the recording and processing of security “incident” and “intelligence” reports, XIM manages the processing and review of these reports in a way that ensures your security team’s resources are focused where they are needed most.

XIM provides a collaborative environment and easily configurable workflow that support activities such as incident report evaluation, intelligence analysis, regular team security reviews, and management approvals and decisions. If incidents are identified as requiring further investigation, XIM’s investigative running sheet supports action creation and assignment, and the capture of further documents and multimedia (photographs, audio, video, etc.).  Support is also given to the seizure, tracking and management of physical property and exhibits.

XIM records detailed information about each inmate including personal details, photographs, transfers, drug tests, movements within and outside the secure institution, and cell/ward searches. Both text based and structured reports covering specific prisoner incident histories, prison wide incidents and activities, or various performance metrics can be automatically generated.

Xanalys Link Explorer and Link Explorer Enterprise deliver detailed analysis of incidents and intelligence data. Perform target analysis on a particular inmate or delve into bulk data sets to extract patterns across a range of data attributes. Link Explorer enables analysts and investigators to identify networks, sequences and spatial associations using local data stores (e.g. imported from csv/Excel files) or linking directly to shared, enterprise level databases (including connecting directly to the XIM database).