High profile, resource intensive, involving multiple agencies and serious in nature.

Investigations into major crimes and incidents demand the most comprehensive case management solution available.

The Major Incident Room is the destination for all the evidence gathered during a major enquiry. Populated by a team of investigative professionals with specialised roles, the MIR must record, process and link all evidential information, ensuring it can be readily retrieved and analysed to reveal the state of the enquiry, and guide future decision making that will determine the direction of the investigation.

Any technology system supporting the MIR must be fully scalable to accommodate hundreds of simultaneous users across multiple cases, and totally robust in both design and operation. You need complete confidence that the system won’t grind to a halt or even worse, suffer from data loss or corruption.

The success of major case investigations is dependent on the adopting of an organised and methodical approach, where each member of staff working on the case has a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities.

MIRSAP Guidlines, ACPO

PowerCase is designed from the ground up as an enterprise-level system.

  • Data integrity and scalability are built into its foundations. We use Oracle database technology to provide the best possible performance.
  • Cases can be split across multiple servers to spread the load and the entire database structure is fully configurable to enable data storage allocations across multiple database server disks.
  • PowerCase has an enviable in-the-field proven record. Operated successfully and reliably for many years in environments populated by hundreds of users, with databases that store tens of millions of historical cases.
  • Our software is trusted to deliver the accurate and comprehensive information necessary to build strong cases. Cases that satisfy the scrutiny of the full legal process.

Intelligence Management

Xanalys’ approach to investigation management places intelligence generation and analysis at its core. Entities and associations are extracted from the documents and reports that investigative activities generate – people, places, telephone numbers, account, product serial numbers, etc.

– All are automatically matched to existing data, alerting users to potential links and patterns in their case.

Disclosure and Presentation at Court

With so much riding on the case, it is vital your team follows the correct disclosure procedures. The workflow at the core of PowerCase ensures that every piece of evidence, both documentary and seized property, is assessed for disclosure to ensure that the prosecution receives an accurate understanding of the nature of all the evidence and it is handled in an appropriate way. Xanalys eBrief delivers electronic briefs of evidence in a structured binder format, made up of records stored in the case database. Statements, witness details, officer reports, and investigative policy can be pulled together in a cross-referenced, well formatted XPS document. For UK customers, MG forms can be automatically complied and published as electronic documents.