Fraud investigations present unique challenges:

The assessment and prioritisation of potentially fraudulent incidents, bulk document sets that require management and analysis, the identification of key transactions, and the disclosure of evidence in a consistent and well-structured format.

Xanalys investigation management solutions bring all these capabilities together in an end-to-end solution. Hospital accident and emergency wards use the concept of triage – sorting people in order of seriousness, regardless of when they arrived. Exactly the same principle can be applied to fraud analysis.

Instead of chasing up hundreds of small incidents, time and resources can be better spent concentrating on the large, costly cases and working one’s way down.

It would be nice to treat every case as serious, but commercially it makes no sense. Alerts deemed noteworthy but of lower priority can be diverted to other departments.With our solution: Any technology system supporting the MIR must be fully scalable to accommodate hundreds of simultaneous users across multiple cases, and totally robust in both design and operation. You need complete confidence that the system won’t grind to a halt or even worse, suffer from data loss or corruption.