Meeting the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

Organizations across the globe deploy Xanalys technology to optimize their investigative capabilities, collect and analyse data, and create intelligence they can act upon.

Our clients come from law enforcement, the financial services, corrections and other secure institutions, health care, and environmental protection.

Investigation Management
High profile, resource intensive, potentially involving multiple agencies, and serious in nature – investigations into major crimes and incidents demand the most comprehensive case management solution available….
Many kinds of business have to deal with fraud, but it’s a particular problem for the financial and insurance industries. Being alerted early to suspicious activity, ranking incidents for further action and ruling out false positives….

What our clients say..

The ability to collect, analyse and share information is far more powerful than any gun we carry
Inspector Gary Parmenter
Ontario Provincial Police


Running a correction facility is a complex, multi-stranded activity, with security and inmate management at the top of the agenda….
With the growing complexity and scale of environmental crimes, environmental agencies need to adopt the same procedures and processes….