A robust, best-of-breed investigative solution.

PowerCase will meet all your current and future major case management requirements.This award winning product has provided a powerful, scalable platform to law enforcement agencies in local and multi-jurisdictional environments.

PowerCase incorporates a best-practice methodology to cover every stage of the major investigation process. Built around the concept of the major incident room, staffed by a team with a range of specialist roles, PowerCase provides a clear workflow for the processing of all information collected during an investigation, and ensures that lines of enquiry are objectively based on the evidence at hand.

Scalable and Secure

The efficient and effective management of the many resources involved in major case management investigations can be difficult.

PowerCase has a user configurable role management component which can be applied to individuals, teams or units, which can support quite different roles for any individual office across cases. A flexible, role-based security model controls the levels of information access and update restrictions.

For well over a decade, PowerCase has demonstrated effortless scalability, regardless of investigation size and complexity. Its ability to successfully manage investigations containing many thousands of documents and records has been proven time and time again.

The Intelligence Management and data sharing features integrated into a PowerCase system are key differentiators between it and other competitive products. Information from past and current cases is held in a single unified data model. Every time new information is added, the PowerCase “research” facility automatically matches it against existing and linked case data. The result is that every new document is reviewed in context against the PowerCase knowledge base.

Research is supplemented by a range of flexible search options – free text search, fuzzy matching and ad-hoc queries – that authorised users can run against the entire case database.

Actions and Tasks

New lines of enquiry are captured in “actions” which are assigned to team resources. The Action Management facility tracks workloads and the timely completion of assigned jobs.

An integral part of the PowerCase workflow is the ability to assign document management tasks to specific individuals/roles, e.g. read and index a document, review documents for new lines of enquiry or disclosure to court, conduct analysis looking for patterns or new associations.

How PowerCase manages and drives your investigation:

  • Centralized data storage. All case documents and attachments accessible via a single secure data source.
  • Evidence Management. A document workflow ensures that all evidence is examined and reviewed.
  • Research. New case information is automatically checked against existing data to look for commonalities and associations.
  • Assign and track lines of investigation. Raise actions and assign to your investigative team.
  • A range of search features give you access to all facets of the investigative data.
  • Intelligence Analysis.
  • Data held securely. Role based security and automatically generated audit trail.
  • Prepare for court. Build a Brief of Evidence by drawing on all case data.

Disclosure and court preparation of evidence

The review and categorisation of evidence for disclosure can be an arduous one – but not with PowerCase. The workflow flags every document, action and seized property record for the Disclosure Officer’s assessment. Lists of materials are automatically built for inclusion on disclosure schedules.

PowerCase simplifies the creation of a court binder through the user of the eBrief module, which generates court-ready electronic documents in easily shareable XPS format.