Link Explorer is a fully featured desktop environment for the analysis and visualization of complex data sets…

Enabling analysts and investigators to identify networks, sequences and spatial associations using local data stores or linking directly to shared, enterprise level databases.

You can apply a range of query techniques to find the interesting and relevant facts in your information, and easily move data between different forms of visualisation and analysis: associational, temporal and spatial analysis of people, events, places etc. Link Explorer expands the analytical environment by its integration with other GIS and Microsoft tools widely used by analysts and investigators. These include ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop, Microsoft Bing Mapping and Excel. Moving data between these tools has never been easier, giving users a new perspective on their data.

By modelling data as set of familiar objects (people, places, events, etc.) and the associations that exist between them, Link Explorer provides clarity to complex data sets. You can connect directly to an existing database or use Link Explorer’s import features to collate data from different sources. Link Explorer will allow you to easily manipulate your data, pulling interesting sets of results from one chart into another, or drilling into key objects to reveal associated information.

Link Explorer puts you in control of your data analysis:

  • Analyse your data as visual entities. View data as real world objects, not rows and columns.
  • Fits your data. Domain independent and works with a variety of data formats.
  • Fuse data together. Combine data from various sources into a common model.
  • Simple Query tool. Build queries by simply drawing the desired data network using the same entities that appear in your charts.
  • Switch between Visualisations. Use link charts, temporal charts, mapping and spreadsheets to reveal different elements of your data.
  • Reveal hidden links. Discover what you don’t know.
  • Share results. Choose from different export options.