We partner with some of the best

Xanalys view our partners as an extension of our team, playing an integral role in our development and growth. Xanalys’ business partners represent a diverse range of solutions, services, and geographies. We are aligned with leading technology companies that have specific domain expertise and experience.

Business Partners

Level 19, Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: ++852 2251 8465

Contact: Julian Russell
Email: info@asiamaze.com
Web Site: www.asiamaze.com

Technology Partners


Through our development and delivery of industry leading Investigative Case Management and Analytical solutions powered by Oracle technology, Xanalys has attained Gold Partner status in the Oracle Partner Network. This relationship gives Xanalys access to a wide range of educational and marketing benefits as well as making us eligible to resell Oracle technology products

Microsoft have delivered partnership network programmes to select business and qualified companies, with an aim to improve industry-standard delivery and to strengthen the Microsoft brand. Qualified support enables businesses to install trust and aid with customer identification, leading to business development and industry growth.

Providing business services to help companies of all sizes compete and innovate in a dynamic global market. Through our partnership with Intellect, Xanalys is hoping to engage and grow greater ties with government and participate in Intellect groups that are core to our business such as Security, Defence, and Financial Services