Question 1: How did Xanalys – The Investigation Software Company – get started in this business?

Xanalys Limited (pronounced ‘Zan-a-liss’) is an independent software company founded in January 2009 when the Analytics and Investigative Management division of Tiburon Inc. was acquired by a group of former Xanalys management and engineering staff based in the UK. Tiburon had been a vendor of Records Management Systems for law enforcement, and hence our unparalleled knowledge of investigation technology.

Since 2009, the motto of Xanalys has been “Let nothing escape you”. For investigators and analysts around the world, we hold true to that tag line by providing what we believe is the premier set of investigation software tools on the market.
Question 2: What is it about Xanalys that sets it apart from the competition?

Xanalys likes to talk about our differentiators in terms of what we call our ‘high five’.

  1. Track Record – Our customers are invariably delighted with our products and services.
  2. Experience – The management team has over 125 years combined experience in designing and developing investigation software and tools.
  3. Technology – With standards-based technologies in mind, we have a deep and broad set of COTS applications that help investigators triage, investigate, and adjudicate incidents and cases.
  4. Support – Our global support staff have extensive experience building, testing and using our products. We work closely with our customers through every stage of the life-cycle of our systems.
  5. Focus – Investigation Software and Major Case Management is what we do, and we do it well. Our customers often tell us that we’re not too big, yet not too small.


Question 3: How would someone external describe Xanalys investigation software solutions?

Based on the response from our users, Xanalys’ software is cost effective and feature-rich, with the most advanced investigation and case management features available on the market. Most of Xanalys’ new business comes directly from referrals by existing customers, so we know that we are viewed very favourably. We take pride in that. It’s difficult to find a ‘former’ Xanalys customer, as we have a knack for delighting our growing customer base.


Question 4: Is there a customer experience you are most proud of?

We are proud of all customer successes across the globe.  One of our more notable implementations, though, is the use of our PowerCase Major Case Management (MCM) technology at the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services.

Several years back, the Honourable Mr. Justice Archie G. Campbell in Ontario was commissioned to conduct a judicial inquiry to review and report on the roles of the various police and other agencies involved in major case investigations across the province. Judge Campbell’s final report identified a set of 27 recommendations, among them a single uniform computerized MCM system for the mandatory use in all serial predator investigations and all major sexual assault and homicide cases.

In response to this recommendation, the Solicitor General of Ontario adopted Xanalys PowerCase™, which possessed the following functionality identified by Justice Campbell:

  • Recording, organization, management, analysis and follow up of investigative data; Ensuring all relevant information sources are applied to the investigation:
  • Encouraging and supporting the sharing of data across agencies
  • Early recognition of linked incidents
  • A “triggering” capability to alert users of commonalities in newly acquired data
  • Standardized procedures and investigative methodology.

As a result, Xanalys has grown to become synonymous with investigation software, major case management, and crime/fraud analytics.


Question 5: What are some of your greatest challenges in your business?

Our biggest challenge organizationally is what we call ‘staying above the line’. By that, we mean that the distinction between Xanalys’ proven, flexible, off-the-shelf investigation software and the offerings of ‘Incident Management’ vendors is being blurred as other vendors attempt to ‘reach up’ into these more complex markets.

To be clear, Incident Management is not Investigative Case Management. Noting an unlocked warehouse door, for example, is not akin to investigating serious criminal activities. Xanalys work hard to ensure that the distinction is clear to the industry: Xanalys delivers the most powerful and configurable, off-the-shelf software for investigations and major case management available anywhere.


Question 6: What is your company’s product strategy?

Xanalys is THE investigation software company. As that definition suggests, we create and deliver software for a variety of investigative requirements. From a strategy perspective, we develop products in three areas, though they are smoothly interconnected at many levels:

  1. Investigative Case Management – In this category we develop PowerCase and Xanalys Investigation Manager (XIM™).  PowerCase is the most powerful major case management software that exists in the world. It is a cost-effective, heavy duty application designed for use by large organizations who work across jurisdictions and with many investigators and analysts. XIM is almost PowerCase ‘Light’. It is a much more flexible and configurable than competitive products, and is designed for everything from law enforcement, to financial crimes, healthcare provider fraud, and worker’s compensation investigations. XIM is available in both traditional and SaaS deployments.
  2. Investigative Data Management Technologies – In this category, our products include text indexing, data transformation and matching, forms and data capture, and evidence briefs (e-briefs). These technologies ensure a cradle-to-grave investigation management process.

We believe that this holistic strategy allows our customers to select the most appropriate applications, and defines a clear path forward as their investigation requirements grow over years.


Question 7: How does the leadership structure of Xanalys impact the company?

Because the company is owned by its employees, we have no shareholders or board members placing non-strategic demands upon us. This gives us the flexibility to focus on our three interconnected product strategies without the distractions of chasing business simply for the sake of the almighty dollar.

We focus solely on being the very best at major case management software, investigative case management, link analysis, and data management… and we think we do it better than anyone else.


Question 8: What do you see for the future for Xanalys?

Our brand is synonymous with Investigation Software and Major Case Management. As the industry continues to notice our High Five differentiators, we see rapid growth over the next three to four years. We will never, however, lose sight of the customers who have taken us to where we are today.