Xanalys staff acquire Tiburon’s analytics & investigation division

Tiburon Inc.’s Analytics and Investigative Management division, formed by the purchase of Xanalys Corporation in 2005, has been acquired by a group of former Xanalys management and engineering staff. The new company, based in the UK, will continue to use the Xanalys name and branding.

“Completing the acquisition marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of Xanalys”, said Greg Mann, the new Managing Director of Xanalys Ltd. “Xanalys starts 2009 as an independent software company, with 100 percent of the equity owned by Directors in the firm. For the officers and staff, this means greater control of our own destiny, with increased focus on the needs of our customers.”

Maintaining an experienced team of managers, engineers and consultants, Xanalys will continue to develop and improve its powerful range of analytical and investigative solutions that meet the needs of the law enforcement and investigative market.

Xanalys Pty Ltd, based in Adelaide, Australia, was acquired by its own management team in a separate transaction, and will become the official reseller of Xanalys software in the Asia Pacific region.

About Xanalys

Xanalys® Ltd develops and markets innovative investigative management software solutions for law enforcement, military, intelligence and financial organizations.

Combining award winning and patented software with domain experienced staff, Xanalys deploys affordable solutions to address the complex demands of investigation management. With worldwide deployment of its solutions, Xanalys supports its clients through a network of partners and distributors, and directly through its base in Altrincham, Cheshire UK. Xanalys continues to develop its software solutions in a framework of consultation with its users, and is constantly striving to advance its technology capability and the means to deliver business value to agencies worldwide. For more information, visit www.xanalys.com.